The club runs a variety of different motocross events throughout the year, catering for different tastes and levels of experience.  There is a place for everyone young, old, male, female, slow, fast etc etc.

Two of our major Motocross events are the Peter Brown Memorial and the Marlborough Champs, both of which are run over two days and attract large numbers of riders. Classes are run to MNZ championship classes, and racing is fast and furious.

In some months where we have no major events, we run fun days. These events are more casual, with no scoring for races.
Classes are usually split into the following groups:
Senior A for fast riders
Senior B for the not so fast
Junior A for 125/250 and fast 85's
Junior B for up to 85 2 stroke and up to 150 4 stroke

Minis are ages 4 to 11 on various 50cc to 140cc bikes

All of our events are listed on facebook

You are welcome to contact any of the Committee with questions about how race days work, what safety gear you need and anything else.