If you want to ride at a Marlborough Motorcycle Club event you need a competition licence (any Club event except trail rides)!  We do have day licences available (only 4 permitted per person per year, usually $30 per event) but strongly recommend that you apply for a Motorcycling NZ licence. For more information on MNZ licences Click here ​​​​​. Obtaining a licence saves sign-in time and records your events in a log book, and is also cheaper if you do more than 3-4 events per year.

You also need to get a club membership. Online membership and payment available

If you have any issues or would prefer a membership form sent to you please contact the Secretary.

The Secretary will issue your membership card. Please allow time for the Secretary to process your application, and advise them if you need your membership in time for a particular event.

Then get ready to race!