Your first Motocross race can be a daunting experience, so here are a few tips to help make your day go well.

A good first step is always to have ridden on a track with other riders on a casual basis, so when you turn up to race you are used to traffic. We are spoilt with good tracks here in Marlborough, visit our Places to Ride page for details on private tracks available to the public.

Before race day get your bike, your gear and yourself ready. Make sure your bike is prepped well, and you have all your gear packed. Some riders lay there gear out on the lounge floor, to make sure they have it all - nothing worse than turning up with something missing! Get yourself ready as well - get plenty of sleep and drink and eat well.

On race day it would pay to turn up early, and get your pit area set up. If you already know someone, try and park next to them, but if not make sure to introduce yourself to your neighbours. Motocross riders are generally a friendly bunch, and although first thing in the morning is a busy time it is always good to have a chat.

Every rider must sign in, it is an easy process but there are a number of things you must do. First thing is to select a class, if it is a fun day we suggest you enter either Senior B or Junior B depending on your age. You will need a race licence, so if you havn't already got a licence from MNZ you will need to buy a day licence. The Steward will provide you with one, and will also check your helmet. Remember to keep your day licence, you can redeem the cost of two of them against the cost of your first race licence.

Once you have signed in, head back to your pits and get your gear on, ready for riders briefing. Now is a good time to have a last minute check of your bike, and fit your transponder if the meeting is using them.

Walking the track is always reccommended, remember to allow enough time to be back for riders briefing.

You must attend riders briefing, this is where you will learn about how the day will run. Pay careful attention, especially practice and race order.

When it is time for practice, line up at the start line with your class. Remember it is practice, so take the time to get a good feel for the track. No championships have ever been won at practice, but plenty have been lost.

For fun days we usually use a bungy start, and a ten second board. When the starter is ready the ten second board will be held up. When the board is flipped to read 5 seconds, some time in the next few seconds the bungy will be released and your off!

For major events we use backward falling gates and a clock. When the starter is ready the clock will start. The arrow will rotate, and once it reaches the green at some point the starter will drop the gates. The gates will fall towrds you, so if you try and go before they drop you will get jammed in them!

You are now racing, enjoy your day!