Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 1

Established 16 September 1955.

1. Name
The name of the club is the Marlborough MotorCycle
Club (Incorporated) (the “Club”)
PO Box 1068, Blenheim.

2. Objects
The objects of the Club shall be:
1. To encourage the sport and pastime of motorcycling, motoring and allied
power sports, and promotion of sporting and social events in the furtherance
of these objects.
2. To promote the interest of the Club and its members and to maintain the
lawful rights and privileges of the Club and its members.
3. To subscribe to and become a member of Motorcycling New Zealand or other
such body as the Committee shall, by special resolution, so decide.
4. To provide competitions under the Rules of Motorcycling New Zealand or
such other body and such other competitions as the Club shall determine.

3. Membership
1. There shall be five classes of membership:
1. Rider
Rider members shall be those persons participating in active riding
provided by the Club.
2. Family
Family membership shall be available for a family group of members
and must include one active rider and such membership is entitled to
one voting right per family group. Determination of a Family
Membership shall be made by the Committee and published on the
Membership Application Form.
3. Social Member
Shall be those persons who wish to be members of the club but who
do not participate in riding.
4. Honorary / Corporate Membership
Honorary / Corporate members shall be elected on and under such
conditions as the Committee shall from time to time decide.
Honorary / Corporate members shall have no voting rights.
5. Life
Life membership may be conferred by the Club in accordance with
Clause 4.
2. 1. Applications for membership must be made on the Clubs prescribed
form available on the clubs website or from the secretary
Marlborough MotorCycle

Club Rules 2
2. Rules of the Club are posted on the clubs website. Where an
applicant does not have access to the internet it is the applicant’s
responsibility to request a copy of the rules from the club secretary.
The club secretary will upon receipt of a request for the club rules
post a copy of the same to the applicant at the applicants address as
listed on the membership application.
3. All applications for membership shall be signed by the applicant for
membership, in the case of junior members, their legal
representative, and shall be accompanied by the membership
subscription appropriate to the class of membership applied for.
4. Applications for Membership may be accepted on a provisional basis
until confirmed by the Committee and by issue of a Club Membership
5. The Committee shall have the right to accept, defer or refuse any
application for membership.
6. The Committee may, at their entire discretion, remove from the
Register of members, any member whose subscription is three
months or more overdue, but may reinstate such member on
payment of all arrears of subscription.
7. No member shall be entitled to any of the rights or privileges of Club
membership during the period that their subscription remains in
8. The name, address and membership number shall be entered in the
Register of Members. Each member shall inform the Secretary in
writing of any change of address, and the register shall be amended
9. Any member wishing to resign from the Club shall give notice in
writing to the Secretary. (See clause 6.1)

4. Life members
1. Election of life members
1. Any member may be nominated by an existing member as a Life
Member to the Committee for approval. Such approval shall be
considered by the Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting.
2. The nomination must be in writing and signed by two existing
Members as proposer and second respectively and must state the
reasons for putting forward the member for consideration of life
3. The approved nomination must be confirmed by resolution at an
Annual General Meeting.

2. Privileges of life members
1. Life Members need not pay any Membership Fee.
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 3
2. Subject to clause 6, Life Members will enjoy all the rights and
privileges of membership and are included in the term “Members” for
the purposes of these Rules.

5. Subscriptions
1. The annual subscription for each class of membership shall be determined by
an ordinary resolution at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.
2. Subscriptions for renewal of membership shall be due on the first day of the
financial year.

6. Cessation of Membership
1. A member may at any time resign membership of the Club by giving notice in
writing to the Secretary, but shall continue liability for any annual subscription
due and unpaid at the time of the resignation.
2. In addition to the disciplinary powers provided by the Rules of Motorcycling
New Zealand, or other such body, the Committee may expel any member
proved to their satisfaction to have been guilty of such conduct as to bring the
Club or the Sport into disrepute. Such disciplinary powers shall include a
minimum of such member to be given immediate notice of such expulsion,
and the date of a meeting at which the appeal will be heard should the
member desire to do so, with the right to counsel. Such expulsion does not
debar the Committee from revering any arrears of subscription due and

7. Officers and Committee
1. A Patron or Patrons may be elected each year at the Annual General
Meeting. Such positions will be honorary and so be exempt from
membership fees. Matters in relation to voting will apply as per clause 3.1.4.
2. The Club shall be managed by a committee of up to eleven members
including the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and seven other
members including the outgoing presidents discretionary position.
The President will convene and chair all meetings and ensure that the rules
of the club are followed.
The Vice President will carry out the duties of the President when required.
The Secretary is to keep a register of members, prepare notices for
meetings, keep minutes of all meetings, handle all inward and outward
correspondence as directed by the committee, keep the official common seal
in a safe keeping.
The Treasurer is to keep proper financial records, to bank all money received
by the club, to pay all accounts as approved by the committee, to prepare
annual accounts, and to file the annual accounts (financial statements) with
the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.
3. All officer bearers shall be elected by ballot at each annual general meeting.
If insufficient nominations are received, or if an office bearer or member of
the Committee resigns their office during the year, the Committee may coopt
a member or members to fill the vacancy until the next general meeting
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 4
where the position may be confirmed. Notification of the vacancy must be
given fourteen days prior to the next general meeting notice.
4. All office bearers shall retire at the end of each year, and those eligible may
present themselves for reelection.
5. Each consented nomination for President and Vice President shall be in
writing and signed by both the nominator and the seconder. Where the
nominated person intends to stand for the position that person shall complete
a brief statement of their vision for the club and how their vision and
experience will benefit the club and it’s members. This is to be received by
the Secretary no later than fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting
and the Secretary shall make the statements available to club members for
their consideration prior to the AGM.
6. Nominations for other office holders and Committee members shall be in
writing with the details of the members nominating and seconding the
nomination respectively included in the nomination along with their signature.
Those nominations shall be received by the Secretary no later than fourteen
days prior the Annual General Meeting and the Secretary shall make the
nominations available to club members for their consideration prior to the
7. In relation to rules 6 and 7 above where there are nominations in excess to
those required for any position those nominations shall be put to members at
the Annual General Meeting where members shall vote to elect a member to
the respective role.
8. All nominations, nominators and seconders must be signed and be current
club members.
9. Should there be less nominations than vacancies for membership of the
committee nominations can be made by members present at the AGM.

8. Policy Regarding Conflicts of Interest
1. Any potential candidate applying for election as an office bearer of the club,
must at the onset of the election process, acknowledge and disclose:
1. Any and all personal business interests (as an employer, employee
director, shareholder etc) directly or indirectly associated with the
sport of motorcycling and/or the provision of services or products for
club events or daily business requirements of the club.
2. In the event of a real or perceived conflict of interest the
committee reserves the right to disqualify that person from the
election process or election result.
3. Persons who declare a conflict of interest may speak to a motion but
not vote.
2. During the term of the appointment as an office bearer of the club must:
1. Maintain and update details of any personal business interests, new
and existing, including those disclosed in paragraph 1.1 to the
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 5
2. Not form a new supplier or contract arrangement on behalf of the
club that the member has a direct or indirect relationship with unless
expressly approved by the committee.
3. In the event of a real or perceived conflict of interest arises during the term of
the members appointment, the committee reserves the right, to suspend
and/or terminate the member’s appointment and elect with due process, a
new committee member.
Process Regarding Confidentiality:
4. During the term of appointment the office bearing member will obtain, or have
access to confidential information concerning the club. The member must
1. Use the information except as authorised in the course of the
member’s duties.
2. Use the information for the members own benefit or personal gain.
3. Use the information for the benefit of any company or other
organisation in which the member is a director, shareholder or
stakeholder without the express approval of the committee.
5. In the event of a breach of confidentiality under this clause, the committee
reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the member’s appointment
and elect, with due process a new member.
6. This clause applies both during and after the term of all office bearing
7. On termination or if the appointment term expires, the member must return all
books, manuals or other documents and all electronic data which the
member may have received, made or copied in the course of the
appointment with the club.
8. Note Rule 8 in effect prohibits an officer of the MMCC Inc being an officer in
any other motorcycle cub or vice versa.

9. Meetings, Voting and Resolutions.
1. All meetings shall be chaired by the President, or if absent, the Vice
President. Should neither be available, it shall be the first duty of the meeting
to elect a chair.
2. Unless provided elsewhere in these Rules, voting at all meetings shall be
taken by a show of hands. The Chair shall have discretion to a call for a
ballot and must do so if more than seven members request a ballot. Motions
carried by ordinary resolution must receive a simple majority of those voting.
In the event of an equality of votes, the Chair shall have a casting vote to
maintain to status quo, and may exercise a deliberative vote on the first
voting. Motions carried by special resolution must be carried by a majority of
two thirds of members voting by ballot and the Chair shall not have a casting
3. Any meeting shall by ordinary resolution, appoint two Scrutineers to receive
and count all votes on a special resolution.
4. Voters must be a current member of the Club of a class with voting rights.
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 6
5. No member is entitled to vote at any time by proxy.
Committee Meeting
6. Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least once a month in such a
manner as the Committee shall determine. Seven shall form a quorum.
7. Any member of the Committee, who misses three consecutive meetings
without presenting apologies which are sustained by the meetings, may be
deemed to have forfeited their position and the vacancy may then be filled in
the manner proved by these rules.
8. Committee members who’s membership is by way of a “family membership”
shall not be subject to the restrictions of clause 3.1.2 in relation to voting at
Committee meeting. Each Committee member may exercise 1 vote.

Annual General Meeting
9. The Annual General Meeting, for which twenty eight days notice shall be
given in Public Notice, shall be held not later than the 28th day of February in
each year, for the purpose of receiving from each of the President and
Secretary a written report on the year’s activities, and from the Treasurer a
Statement of Financial Performance and Position. If thought fit, the meeting
may, by ordinary resolution, adopt the Reports and the Financial Statements.
Notification by “Public Notice” includes but is not limited to posting a message
of the pending meeting on the clubs website.
10. Any member wishing to give a notice of motion to the AGM must do so in
writing to the Secretary at least forty days before the meeting, and such a
motion or motions must be circulated to members at least twenty eight days
prior to the meeting. Twenty shall form a quorum. Notification to members
can be completed via mail / email
or other internet means or by posting a
public notice which includes but is not limited to posting information on the
clubs website.

General Meetings & Special Meetings
11. General meetings of members, other than the Annual General Meeting, may
be convened by the Committee, giving fourteen days notice, in such manner
and at such time as it sees fit.
12. The Secretary shall call a special general meeting upon receipt of a written
requisition signed by not less than seven Committee members or a
requisition signed by not less than 20 members of the club for the purpose
stated in the requisition, and such meeting must be called giving 14 days
notice within one calendar month of receipt of the requisition. Twenty shall
form a quorum.

10. Bank Account / Club Funds
1. An account shall be operated in the name of the Club in such Bank as the
Committee shall determine, and all monies received shall be paid into such
account. Any funds held in excess of normal day to day requirements will
only be lodged in interest bearing Bank or Banks deposits.
2. Any two of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer may sign
withdrawals on such account and any person may endorse deposits into such
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 7
3. All withdrawals must be authorised by resolution of the Committee.
4. No purchases for any item, in excess of $100.00 not provided for in the
budget for the ensuing year can be made by any member of the club without
first being authorised by the committee.
5. Any person breaking Rule 10/4 may be suspended or referred to the
disciplinary committee.

11. Financial Year
The financial year shall end on the 31st day of December and commence on the first
day of January each year.

12. Secretary and Treasurer
1. The Committee shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept with respect
1. All sums of monies received and expended by the Club, and the
matters in respect of which the receipt and expenditure takes place.
2. All assets held, monies due to and liabilities due by the Club.
3. The books of accounts shall be kept at the Registered Office of the
Club or such other place as approved by the Committee, and shall
always be open for inspection by any member of the Committee of
the Club. No person, other than a member of the Committee shall
have the right to inspect any account records or documents of the
Club, unless authorised by resolution of the Committee, or of the
Club in General Meeting.
4. It shall be the duty of the Secretary and Treasurer to act in all things
under the direction of the Committee, and inter alia, to convene all
meetings of the Club, and to maintain a correct register of members
as required by the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and to ensure
compliance so as to maintain the Clubs registration as an
Incorporated Society in accordance with the Incorporated Societies
Act 1908 and to conduct all correspondence and generally perform
duties as are consistent with the officers of Secretary and Treasurer.
2. At the Annual General Meeting a duly audited set of books and financial
statements shall be presented.

13. Registered Office
The Registered Office of the Club shall be situated at such place as the Committee
shall from time to time determine.

14. Common Seal
1. The Club's Common Seal shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary. It
shall not be affixed to any deed or document except by order of the
Committee. The Seal shall be affixed to every deed or document requiring
sealing in the presence of the President, Secretary and Treasurer, or such
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 8
person or persons as the Committee may appoint for the purpose, who shall
be empowered to sign any deed or document to which the Seal is affixed.
2. The Committee may at any time procure another Common Seal for the Club.

15. Competition Rules
All MNZ permitted competitions held by the Club shall be conducted under the
Competition rules of Motorcycling New Zealand or any other such organisation
determined by the Club.

16. Interpretation of Rules
Members hold themselves in honour bound to abide by the Rules of the Club as in
force for the time being, and any special or temporary instructions laid down by the
Committee or any Club official in respect of any particular event run by the Club.

17. Cautions, Fines, Suspensions or Expulsion
1. Subject to possible conflict with the current disciplinary procedures as set out
in the Motorcycling NZ or other such representative body; In the event of a
breach of any part of these Rules by a member, or of conduct on the part of a
member rendering it desirable that the member be cautioned, fined,
suspended, or expelled, a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee shall be
convened to consider the alleged misconduct. The offending member shall
receive notice of the date, time and venue of the meeting and of the
allegations made.
The member shall be entitled to attend such meeting with counsel and make
representations on his / her / their behalf. The Disciplinary Committee may
issue such caution, fine, or suspension as it considers fit, and may make a
recommendations for the expulsion to a General Meeting of the Club.
2. A motion for expulsion must be carried by special resolution, and the
offending member shall be given a right of reply before the vote is taken.
3. The Disciplinary Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three Life
and other members as appointed by the Committee.

18. Alteration of Rules
1. Any alteration, revision, deletion, or addition of these Rules must be made by
special resolution carried at an Annual General Meeting or a general meeting
called for this purpose. Twenty eight days notice of the date, time and venue
of any such general meeting shall be given to members, and the notice must
include wording of the notice or notices of motion to be presented to the
meeting. No amendment to a notice of motion subsequent to its being
advised to members may be made. Motions must be carried by a 2/3rd.
Majority of members present at the meeting.
2. No voting by proxy shall be allowed regarding such alterations.

19. Matter Not Elsewhere Provided For
Marlborough MotorCycle
Club Rules 9
1. In the event of any matter arising which is not provided for in these rules or
any matter relating to the proper interpretation of these rules. The same shall
be determined by the Committee whose decision shall be conclusive and
binding on all members.
2. Notice of any such decision so made shall be given to the next General
Meeting and shall be voted on by full members.

20. Winding Up
In the event of a voluntary winding up of the Club pursuant to Section 24 of the
Incorporated Societies Act 1971, no members of the Club shall derive any pecuniary
gain within the meaning of this contained in the "Incorporated Societies Act 1908" and
in the event of the winding up of the Club by any means whatever the assets
remaining after all legal claims have been satisfied shall be duly disposed of in such
manner as the Club may prior to its dissolution determine either by grants to public
charitable institutions within its district or be applied towards providing public
recreation grounds for the holding of sports or games for the benefit of the public.